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Dispute Resolution Services (DRS) provides confidential consultations, facilitations and mediations to all UIC faculty, staff, and students. These services are intended to assist in the resolution of interpersonal conflicts. Early intervention can help to resolve problems without extensive and costly investments of time, energy, morale, and money.


  • Consultations may be requested by faculty, staff, or students, and are private, off-the-record conversations to explore concerns and identify potential courses of action.
  • Facilitations involve providing assistance in reaching and sustaining mutually agreeable solutions to a variety of problems. This may include connecting individuals with appropriate contacts or resources, or facilitating a dialogue for individuals to work through an interpersonal conflict.
  • Mediation is a voluntary process elected by the parties involved to address conflict. Our mediations are led by trained, objective mediators with the goal of producing a memorandum of understanding, signed by each party, to resolve the conflict. Below is our roster of current DRS mediators. All of our mediators contribute their time on a voluntary basis and are committed to improving workplace relations and the overall climate for individuals at UIC.

Current Mediators Heading link

Retired Mediators Heading link