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DRS & Workplace Culture offers personalized consulting programs for teams experiencing high levels of conflict and needing assistance identifying and addressing various concerns.

Engaging Environment Program (4 hours)

This 4-hour highly interactive program consists of brainstorming exercises, conflict resolution style inventory and interpretation, and teambuilding activities. The goals of this program are to understand the costs of conflict, examine the norms of conflict resolution and barriers to resolving conflict in the unit, and generate solutions to the perceived barriers in the unit. Recommendations will be provided to leadership in a thorough report after the program's conclusion. (Cost: $5,000)

Climate Assessment (typically 6-12 month engagement)

DRS has recently developed a climate assessment process to help units build strong team cultures, improve interpersonal relations, resolve organizational inefficiencies, and increase employee and team satisfaction and morale. The climate assessments incorporate the use of climate surveys, focus groups, interviews, observations, and facilitated dialogue. This process has three main goals: first, to understand employees' experiences in the organization better; second, to identify critical areas for organizational improvement; and third, to work collaboratively with the unit to implement suggested recommendations. (Cost: variable depending on the length of engagement, number of employees being included, and processes incorporated)

Please email for more information on any of our consulting programs.