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Report A Problem

The Office for Access and Equity serves as a vital avenue for addressing various concerns within the university community. Whether it's reporting instances of sexual misconduct, seeking general inquiries, or requesting ADA accommodations, this platform provides a confidential and accessible means for individuals to voice their concerns and seek assistance. By utilizing this resource, students, faculty, and staff can contribute to fostering a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment at UIC.

General Inquiry Reporting Heading link

Allows individuals to seek information, clarification, or assistance on a wide range of issues related to discrimination, harassment, accommodations, and other concerns. Whether it’s questions about university policies, reporting procedures, or available support services, this platform provides a user-friendly interface for submitting inquiries and receiving timely responses.

Sexual Misconduct Reporting Heading link

Offers a confidential channel for individuals to report incidents of sexual harassment, assault, or misconduct. Through this platform, survivors can access resources, support services, and information on available reporting options, including confidential reporting and formal complaint procedures. OAE is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment, and reports are handled with sensitivity, respect for privacy, and a commitment to addressing misconduct and preventing future occurrences.

ADA Accommodations Request Heading link

Facilitates the process for individuals to request accommodations based on their disabilities. This request offers guidance on eligibility criteria, documentation requirements, and the accommodation process, empowering individuals to seek the support they need to fully participate in university programs, activities, and services.