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Search Committee Ethical Standards and Expectations

As a search committee member, I affirm my intent to serve the University of Illinois at Chicago to the best of my ability in this search.

Accordingly, I pledge to adhere to the principles set forth below. I understand that these principles are necessary to attract excellent candidates, to avoid putting their current positions in jeopardy, and to maintain the professional reputation of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

  • To the extent permitted by law, I will maintain the absolute confidentiality of all prospects and candidates. I will not reveal the name or any other information about any prospects or candidates during the search or after the committee completes its work. In addition, I will not transmit any email or any other form of written or recorded communication to anyone – even my fellow committee members – that identifies any prospect or candidate.
  •  I will be fair, accurate, honest, and responsible in my evaluation of candidates. I will not permit personal interests to distort or misrepresent the facts. I will admit any
    inaccuracies or unintended misrepresentation of facts promptly. In addition, I will immediately disclose to the committee any existing or potential conflicts of interest in the relationship
    between me and a prospect or candidate.
  • I acknowledge that only the chairperson or human resources is authorized to make public statements on behalf of the committee. Further, I understand that I will not make any
    inquiries (within the University of Illinois at Chicago or externally) to assess the qualities and potential of any prospective candidate unless requested explicitly by
    the chairperson or human resources to do so.
  • I understand that no code of ethics can anticipate every situation. Therefore, I will use common sense and good judgment throughout the process. I consider the content and intent of this statement to be a matter of personal trust and responsibility.

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