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Interview Do’s and Don’ts

This information has been prepared to provide a summary of guidelines to reinforce the University’s Nondiscrimination Statement and Academic Hiring guidelines. It is designed to help make the University's commitment to equal opportunity a reality for all. It is also intended to serve as a useful tool for departments and units in the interviewing process by identifying questions that are appropriate to ask and those that are not appropriate to ask during an interview.


NAME Whether a person has worked under a different name, or questions which divulge marital status or ancestry. Correct legal name.
ADDRESS/HOUSING Any inquiry which may indicate ethnicity or national origin. Place and length of current and previous address. Phone number or how he or she can be reached. Address may be requested so that the applicant can be contacted. Names of persons with whom applicantresides may be requested for compliance with the nepotism policy
AGE Questions which require giving age. NOTHING before hiring.
SEX/SEXUAL ORIENTATION Questions which would indicate sex unless job related. Questions regarding sexual orientation. NOTHING
MARITAL STATUS Whether person is married, single, separated, divorced or engaged NOTHING
FAMILY About family planning, family size, children’s ages, childcare plans, spouse’s employment or salary. Freedom to travel if job required and ability to meet work schedule requirements. All applicants must be asked.
PREGNANCY About medical history concerning pregnancy and related health matters. Anticipated duration on, or absences from, the job. Same questions must be asked of males and females
HEIGHT/WEIGHT Unless related to job requirements, laws indicate that unless employer proves otherwise, height and weight requirements are discriminatory. For proof of ability to perform the job requirements.
DISABILITIES Any pre-offer questions about disability. Whether person can perform specific tasks with or without accommodation. Within certain limitations, the person can be asked to describe or demonstrate how tasks will be performed
CITIZENSHIP Whether a US citizen. Whether visa/immigration status prevents person from lawful employment.
RACE/ORIGIN/RELIGION About race, religion, ancestry, birthplace of applicant, parents or spouse Ability to speak, read or write English or a foreign language if job requires it.
PHOTOGRAPHS Any requirement or suggestion that a photo be supplied or taken before hiring Statement that a photo may be required after hire for purposes of identification.
WORK SCHEDULE Willingness to work any religious holiday. Willingness to work required work schedule. If applicant has military reservist obligations
EDUCATION About education that is not related to job performance. About training and experience related to job requirements.
REFERENCES For references specifically from clergy or any other persons who might reflect race, color, religion, sex, national origin or ancestry, or disability. For general and work references not relating to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry or disability.
MILITARY SERVICE For military service records. About military service in the armed services of another country. About discharge type. About service in U.S. armed forces. About branch of service, rank and any job-related experience
SALARY LEVEL What is the lowest salary you will accept? Are you interested in the position at the level that has been budgeted?
ORGANIZATIONS For a list of all clubs the applicant belongs to or has belonged to. About professional organizations or union membership and offices held.
CREDIT RATING Anything, unless specifically job related. NOTHING, unless specifically job related.
CRIMINAL RECORD About arrests. About convictions, unless the information is related to job performance. NOTHING, UIC may conduct background checks on all job candidates upon acceptance of a contingent offer.
DRUG AND ALCOHOL USE Prior to offer of employment – cannot ask if applicant is a drug addict or an alcoholic, what medications they are currently taking, or if applicant has been in a rehabilitation program. NOTHING
RELOCATION Any question related to spouse’s attitudes or othersubject that is likely to be perceived by covered group members, especially women, as discriminatory. Would you be willing to relocate?