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Good Faith Efforts

Good Faith Efforts are a requirement of the UIC affirmative action program and can be described as goal-setting measures to
eliminate discrimination in the hiring process. One way of accomplishing this is through outreach, such as targeted,
meaningful relationships with different organizations that can assist in getting job openings in front of a diverse applicant
pool. The Department of Labor has created an Employment Resource Directory to also aid in finding Outreach opportunities.

Documenting Your Success in Recruiting a Diverse Workforce
An effective Good Faith Efforts program should go beyond simply reaching out to key groups. It should also aim to produce
measurable results, ensure compliance, and avoid violations. When evaluating the success of your diversity recruiting and
outreach efforts, answer these key questions:

  • Did the activity attract qualified applicants?
  • Did it result in the hiring of qualified employees?
  • Did it expand outreach in the community of interest (e.g., veterans, individuals with disabilities, women, or minorities)
  • Did it increase your company’s capacity to include diverse employees in your workforce?
  • Document each targeted activity, including the date, a narrative description, and qualitative results, and capture data by the source on the number of candidates recruited and hired.

You can prove and build on your successes by tracking outreach data. You will also be able to replicate and expand those efforts that attract the talented, diverse workforce your college needs—and send a clear signal to diverse candidates that you are an employer of choice.

Please note, departments must provide proof of Good Faith Efforts with the submission of the Appointment Form. The Good Faith Efforts must be in addition to your online postings and print outreach. Tips for Effectively Tracking Outreach

Below is a sample tool to assist you in the tracking process. Please copy and paste the fields into a spreadsheet and complete the information accordingly. Again, this spreadsheet must be included in your Appointment Form submission.

Good Faith Efforts Outreach Tracking Heading link

Date of Outreach Outreach/Recruitment Activity Outreach Contact Information Focus of Outreach (Women, Minorities, Veterans, Individuals with Disabilities, All Demographics) Description of Activity Was Outreach effective? (received qualified applicants from source)
7/1/2022 Vocational Rehabilitation of Spartanburg Name/ Phone Number/ Email Women Shared job posting No applicants through this source have applied as of yet. Have call scheduled with SVSA contact on July 19, 2022, to discuss options.
7/5/2022 Diversity Contact Name/ Phone Number/ Email Minorities Placed job posting in publication starting As of July 10, 2022, received 50 applications; 10 invited for interview; 2 referred as finalist
7/16/2022 Job Fair/Professional Network Connection Name/ Phone Number/ Email Persons with Disabilities and Veterans 2 search committee members/department reps participated in a job fair or shared job posting with external colleagues on 18 applications were received; hired 1; job offers made to 2 others who declined.