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Parking for Expectant Mothers

UIC Parking Services has developed a new program which provides convenient parking spaces for expectant mothers. This program applies to any UIC faculty, staff member, or student who is in the third trimester of her pregnancy. The UIC faculty, staff member, or student must already have a parking permit from Parking Services*.

The expectant mother must bring their medical documentation to UHS for evaluation and then UHS provides a statement utilizing our work status form that the closer parking is an appropriate and supported accommodation.** Each case is handled individually based on medical circumstances and the individual’s destination on campus. Generally, lot transfers will be granted 11 weeks prior to the due date for a pregnancy with no complications, and will expire seven days after the expected due date.

For more information or questions about this program please contact UIC Parking Services at: (312) 413-9020 (East Campus) or (312) 413-5850 (West Campus).

*If the UIC faculty, staff member, or student does not already have a parking permit, she may purchase either a standard assignment for one semester or a temporary monthly permit from Parking Services and then have that space transferred to the closest available lot for the duration of her third trimester.

**Lot assignments will be made on a first come-first serve basis and are dependent on availability.