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LGBTQ+ Inclusion

UIC is committed to full inclusion and participation of all individuals in all aspects of university life. Further, UIC seeks to provide an academic, social and physical environment that makes students, staff, faculty, alumni, and other individuals of all gender identities and expressions feel safe and welcome on our campus.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The University of Illinois and UIC include sexual orientation and gender identity in the University's Non-Discrimination Statement.

If you experience harassment or bias due to your sexual orientation or gender identity or expression, please contact the Office of Access and Equity.

Campus Records and IDs

Students, faculty, and staff at UIC may use a first name other than their legal name to identify themselves for a variety of reasons.

For Employees

Name changes are submitted by an employee’s home department. Employees on the Chicago campus should complete the Name and SSN Change Form. Additional information may be found on the University of Illinois HR website.

Gender changes may be made by the employee in the My Profile system. The change does not require disclosure to an employee's supervisor or department.

For Students

UIC's Gender and Sexual Center maintains a campus records resource guide to help guides student who seek to change or update a preferred name, legal name, or gender marker with the University.

The University of Illinois Board of Trustees (Board) on May 21, 2020 approved the following Resolution:

That the University will continue to retain and use the student’s legal name on required official documents, such as tax documents, contracts, academic transcripts, and certain health records, but will allow students to designate a preferred first name on diplomas. The use of a preferred first name will continue to be allowed in system documents such as class rosters, display name in Banner and other learning management systems (i.e., Blackboard, Compass, and Moodle, etc.), on-line phone directories, and on the University i-card.

All-Gender Restrooms

Consistent with UIC's commitment to human dignity, everyone at UIC has the right to use bathroom facilities that correspond to their sex or Gender Identity or to utilize single-stall bathroom facilities that are designated gender-inclusive. Further no one is allowed to require that an individual show any form of identification in order to use a bathroom facility at UIC.

UIC has implemented the Nondiscriminatory Bathroom Access policy to ensure that everyone at UIC feels safe in bathroom facilities and welcomed on campus regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, or Gender Identity. In addition, this policy fosters compliance with state and federal laws concerning human rights, harassment, and discrimination

UIC's Gender and Sexuality Center maintains a regularly updated list of single-stall all-gender restrooms on campus.

UIC's Office of Facility and Space Planning compiled a list of single-stall all-gender restrooms via a space inventory analysis.