Lactation Rooms

In accordance with Section 4207 of the Affordable Care Act, an employer shall provide reasonable break time to an employee who needs to express breast milk for her infant child for up to one year after the child's birth. An employer shall provide a private space, other than a bathroom, where an employee can express her milk on an as needed basis.

Below is a list of designated lactation rooms at UIC. There are many more areas that are informally designated as lactation rooms. Representatives in the colleges and administrative units accommodate the needs of nursing mothers at a decentralized level, therefore, please check with your department representative to secure space.

East Side of Campus

  • Student Center East: Room 609A SCE Tower (750 S. Halsted); go to Building Manager, 1st floor concourse SCE with ID to obtain key. Call X3-5100 with questions.
  • Student Center East: Commuter Student Resource Center (CSRC)-enter through Wellness Center, 237 SCE (750 S. Halsted-west side of Inner circle); go to front desk with UIC ID to obtain key. Call X3-7440 with questions.
  • College of LAS: 1106B SES (845 W. Taylor). Room Open. Call Physics X6-3400 with questions.
  • College of LAS: 430 UH (601 S. Morgan). Go to 409 UH (reception area) and show ID. Call X3-2500 with questions.
  • Colleges of LAS and Engineering: 553 SE0 (851 S. Morgan). Room open during business hours. Go to SEO 322 or call X6-3042 with questions.
  • Richard J. Daley Library: 3-111E (801 S. Morgan). Check out the key at the Circulation desk. Call 6-2724 with questions.

West Side of Campus

  • Student Center West: 2nd floor of SCW (828 S. Wolcott) in216C. Go to 242 SCW with UIC ID to obtain key. Call X3-5223 with questions.
  • *College of Dentistry: 514 DENT (801 S. Paulina). Go to 301 CoD to obtain key. Call X6-1036 with questions.
  • *College of Medicine: 217E CMW (1819 W. Polk). Go to 151 CMW to obtain key. Call X6-9030 with questions.
  • College of Nursing: B29 NURS (845 S. Damen). Go to 102 NURS to obtain key. Call X6-1749 with questions.
  • School of Pharmacy: 4th Floor PHARM (833 South Wood Street). Room within women's restroom, with locking door. Call X6-7240 with questions.
  • School of Public Health:138 SPHPI (1601 W. Taylor). Room Open. Call X3-2012 with questions.
  • Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research: 3rd floor AOB (1737 W. Polk Street) within women's restroom. Go to Suite 310 to obtain key. Call 6-4995 with questions.
  • Molecular Biology: 4225 MBRB (900 S Ashland). Go to 4150 MBRB for a key. Call X6-0131 with questions.

*These rooms are reserved for use only by the students, faculty and staff of that college

John Marshall Law School

  • The Mother’s Room is located in Room S-1210 and is available to students, staff, and faculty who need to express milk during school and business hours. You may check out a key from the State Street security desk; please return the key to Security promptly after each use to ensure access for everyone who needs the room. Upon entering the room, please hang the “In Use” sign on the outside of the door and lock the door from the inside.

Public Lactation Rooms

  • Lactation rooms available to guests and visitors to UIC's campus.


Nursing mothers shall be paid for break time needed for nursing or expressing milk. The break time may run concurrently with any break time already established. Nursing mothers are also entitled to a reasonable number of additional paid breaks to allow to them to nurse or express milk. Departments shall provide reasonable break time as needed by the employee unless doing so would create an undue hardship as defined by the Illinois Human Rights Act. Supervisors are asked to contact their university or system human resources office before denying an employee a paid break for expressing milk based on the undue hardship exclusion. [University of Illinois System Human Resource Services]