Disability Resources – Personal Computer Access

The University of Illinois at Chicago is commited to providing equal access to computer services to people with disabilities, as are we at the ACCC.

ACCC access services begin with the following wheelchair-accessible personal computer labs: SEL 2265, SEL 2263, SEL 2054, SEL 2058, SEL 2249, BSB B001, BGRC 179, BGRC 105, SRH 317, and CCC 340.

For lab hours and locations, see http://www.uic.edu/depts/accc/pclabs/

All the machines in all the ACCC labs have a number of basic accessibility options, which modify keyboard and mouse actions, sounds and the display.

The visually impaired can choose to use larger fonts on all machines in the ACCC labs, and screen magnification packages (ZoomText on the PCs and CloseView Control Panel on the MACs) are also available. A screen reader, WinEyes for Windows, is also available. WinEyes works with the Windows operating system and with the whole range of Windows application software: spreadsheets, databases, writing programs, and even the Internet. WinEyes requires a speech synthesizer; stop by the Client Serivces Office (Room 2267 SEL, 950 South Halsted) to borrow it; a consultant will assist you in setting it up in one of ACCC labs in SEL. The synthesizer is available from 9 AM to 9 PM, Monday through Friday.
The same equipment is also available in:

•  Rooms 105 and 179 BGRC, 1940 West Taylor; see Operations in Room LL55 BGRC for assistance

•  2300 SSB, 1200 West Harrison

•  L70 ECSW, 1040 West Harrison For lab hours see: ACCC - Client Services Office

To prepare hardcopy material for magnification or reading by computer, a scanner with character recognition software will be available early in Spring semester in the SSB lab (2300 SSB). Call the Client Services Office at (312) 413-0003 or visit the CSO in SEL 2267 to set up a time to use the scanner. Assistance in using the software will be also be available.

Please note that people with disabilities will be given preference in the use of all equipment with specific accessibility software or devices. We hope that our non-disabled clients will follow this policy voluntarily, but ACCC personnel or the university police will enforce it if necessary.


If you have any questions or special needs, please contact:
Margaret Bird
Tel: (312) 996-7285

Other Resources:

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  2. Campus Accessibility Map [East Campus]   [West Campus]
  3. Employee Request Form for Reasonable Accommodation Based on Medical Condition [PDF]
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