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Americans with Disabilities Act Employee Accommodation Policy

Policy Number: OAE-1100-002

Policy Title:  Americans with Disabilities Act Employee Accommodation Policy

Vice Chancellor/Associate Chancellor:  Office of the Chancellor

Unit Responsible for Policy: Office for Access and Equity

Effective Date: November 10, 2016

Contact:  Associate Chancellor Office for Access and Equity

Policy Statement: The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is committed to the full inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities in all aspects of university life. Consistent with the Illinois Human Rights Act, the American with Disabilities Act, and other state and federal law, UIC will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified applicants, candidates, and employees with known disabilities on an individualized basis and will expand coverage to include requests based on medical conditions that may not meet the legal definitions of “disability” or “handicap.”

UIC will notify all applicants, candidates, and employees of their responsibilities and the procedures the University will follow in processing accommodation requests. It is the responsibility of each and every applicant, candidate, and employee with a disability or handicap to submit a request for an accommodation pursuant to established procedures. UIC has no obligation to accommodate disabilities of which it is unaware or disabilities or handicaps not covered by federal or state law.

Requests based on medical conditions not qualifying as disabilities or handicaps under state or federal law may be granted or denied at UIC’s discretion. By considering a request or granting a requested accommodation based on a medical condition, UIC is not considering or regarding the employee as having a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, or a handicap as defined by the Illinois Human Rights Act.

Reason for Policy:  State and federal law prohibits discrimination in employment against any individual because of her/his physical or mental disability. The Illinois Human Rights Act (775 ILCS 5, et seq.) is the primary state law prohibiting disability discrimination in employment. Similarly, the primary federal law protecting people with disabilities from employment discrimination is the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, amended in 2008.

Furthermore, the University of Illinois Nondiscrimination Statement and the Reaffirmation Statement of UIC’s commitment to equal opportunity and nondiscrimination also drive the underlying rationale for the policy.

Minority Impact Statement: The policy does not have any disproportionate or unique impact on UIC’s minority students, staff, or faculty.

Who Should Read the Policy:  All UIC personnel including all faculty, Academic Professional, Civil Service and contract employees.


  • University: Refers to UIC.

Procedures:  View the relevant ADA procedures.

Forms: Access the form to request reasonable accommodations based on a medical condition.

Related Laws, Regulations, Statutes, and Policies:

  • Illinois Human Rights Act (775 ILCS 5, et seq)
  • American with Disabilities Act of 1990
  • American with Disabilities Amendments Act of 2008
  • University of Illinois Nondiscrimination Statement
  • Reaffirmation Statement of UIC’s commitment to equal opportunity and nondiscrimination