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Search Process Checklist

The following checklist briefly summarizes the major steps involved in the academic search process. It is designed as an aid to the Academic Hiring Manual and does not substitute for careful reading and understanding of the complete manual.

The steps below begin at the department level. All departments must seek proper approvals through their hiring officer or their delegate. For questions on a department's hiring officer or delegate, please contact the Academic Search Coordinator for your college. For a current list of Academic Search Coordinators, please contact OAE.

1. Develop Search Committee (Completed by Hiring Officer or Delegate)
A) Select between 3-9 people to participate in the Search Committee
• Developed with attention to diversity
• Members must have attended training within the last three years
• Hiring officer cannot participate in the search committee
B) Designate Search Committee Chair
C) Charge the Search Committee by reviewing the criteria for evaluating candidates, the search timeline, and the University's Policy on Nondiscrimination

2. Develop Job Description (Completed at the department level with College approval)
A) Login to JDXpert
B) Select Job Template in Add Job Wizard
C) Assign Approvers in Workflow
D) Enter Job Description
E) Enter the specific information based on the template selected
F) Submit for Approval
G) HR Compensation will grant final approval of the Job Description, which will initiate the feed to Cornerstone

3. Develop the Requisition and Job Posting (Completed at the department level with OAE approval)
A) Login to Cornerstone
B) Complete the Requisition
• Minimum qualifications must be accurate and complete
• Add Search Committee members as "Reviewers" and "Interviewers"
• *Do not add the hiring manager*
• Upload recruitment plan and external advertisements with required statements
• Upload relevant attachments in the Attachment Section
• Choose "User Approver" in the Approvals Section and add "OAE"
• Review Job Ad tab to add your "Posting Close Date" to the External and Internal sites
• Must post External searches for two (2) weeks
The posting will appear on the External and Internal Career Sites after approval from OAE. Units must immediately distribute External postings. Internal postings do not require external distribution.

4. Evaluate candidates (Completed at the department level with College approval)
A) Candidate evaluation criteria must be based on the job posting and relevance to the qualifications and skills required for the position
B) Update each applicant's user status and disposition code accordingly

5. Interview Candidates (Completed by the Search Committee)
A) Commence interviews after the posting interval has ended, or after the "For Fullest Consideration" date has passed
B) Select semi-finalists candidates for interview
C) Evaluate semi-finalists and make Finalists recommendation to the Hiring Officer

6. Select a Candidate (Completed by Hiring Officer or Delegate)
A) Evaluate finalists' recommendations from the search committee
B) Complete reference checks, and education and professional licensure credentialing
C) Interview selected finalists
Collect interview notes and summarize/complete rubrics for each candidate after each round of interviews.

7. Complete the Appointment Form (Completed at the department level with College approval)
A) Login to FormBuilder
B) Complete the Appointment Form
• Choose "Hire From Search" from the "Type of Appointment" menu
• Complete Semi-Finalists and Finalists justifications and summary statements: indicating the name, start date, and salary of the final hire and a brief statement to describe the selection process, and how the person(s) hired were better qualified for the position as compared to other finalists
May be entered as text directly on the form or uploaded as an attachment
• Upload proof of advertisement for all external sources (Do not upload copies of automatic postings (e.g., UIC Job Board, Illinois Diversity, LinkedIn, etc). )
• Upload Good Faith Efforts Summary or Spreadsheet
• Upload evaluation criteria and completed rubrics or summary of the evaluation process
• Upload interview questions and include a summary or rubric for each round of interviews
• Confirm that all candidate status disposition codes have been updated
Please note that verbal offers may be extended after approval of the appointment form from the Academic Search Coordinator if college procedures allow. A written offer (a signed offer letter addressed to the proposed appointee) cannot be issued until the appointment form is approved by the Office for Access and Equity, confirming that the search has been reviewed for fairness and compliance with equal employment opportunity and affirmative action regulations.

8. Close the Search (Completed at the department level)
A) Notify unsuccessful candidates that the position has been filled
B) Retain all search file documents for a minimum of 3 years beyond date of hire