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Search Resources

Search Process Checklist

1. Select and Prepare the Search Committee (Completed by Hiring Officer or Delegate)

A) Select between 3-9 people to participate on the Search Committee
B) Prep the Search Committee by reviewing criteria for evaluating candidates
C) Search Committee will review the University’s Policy on Non-Discrimination.

2. Initiate Search in HireTouch (Completed at the department level with college approval)

A) Login to HireTouch
B) Click the “Jobs” tab
C) Click on “Start a Workflow”
D) Select the appropriate job template (e.g. Academic Professional, Faculty, etc.)
E) Enter the specific information based on the template selected.

3. Complete the Job Description (Completed by Hiring Officer or Delegate)

A) Under the “Forms” tab, click on and complete the form titled “Job Description”
B) Upload the HR-approved Job Description
C) HireTouch will advance the Job Description form and the uploaded Job Description to Compensation.
D) Compensation will approve the Job Description which will then automate an email to the user titled “Job Description Approval”

4. Initiate Job Posting (Completed at the department level with college approval)

A) Return to the “Forms” tab in HireTouch
B) Complete and approve the “Position Notice” form
C) HireTouch will advance the Position Notice to the Academic Search Coordinator for review and approval, user will receive an e-mail confirmation that the form has been submitted to the Academic Search Coordinator.
D) Academic Search Coordinator will review and approve the Position Notice.
E) HireTouch will advance the Position Notice to the Office for Access and Equity (OAE).
F) OAE will review and approve the Position Notice
G) Job will automatically post to the UIC Job Board and
H) Units must immediately distribute external advertisements so they are minimally posted for (2) two weeks; internal searches do not require external advertisements

5. Compile list of “Meets Minimum Qualifications” (Completed at the department level with College approval)

A) HireTouch will generate a rolling list of applicants as each application is submitted.
B) The Unit may begin to identify those who meet minimum qualifications as soon as applications are submitted, however, the Unit may not contact any applicant until the list has been completed and approved by OAE.
C) The Unit will update each applicant’s user status in HireTouch as either “Meets Minimum Qualifications” or “Denied/Not Selected”.
D) Once the posting interval has closed, or once the “For Fullest Consideration” date has passed, the Unit may submit their list of Meets Minimum Qualifications.
E) Unit will also upload proof of advertisement for all external sources listed in Position Notice.
F) Once Unit submits the list of Meets Minimum Qualifications, HireTouch will advance the list to the Academic Search Coordinator.
G) The Academic Search Coordinator reviews and approves the list and then HireTouch will advance the list to OAE.
H) OAE approves the Meets Minimum Qualifications List which will generate an email notification to the Unit

6. Interview Candidates (Completed at the department level in concert with search committee)

A) Search Committee chooses candidates from Meets Minimum Qualifications list to interview
B) Search Committee or designee contacts applicants to begin interviewing process
C) Interview selected candidates
D) Identify candidates to be recommended to Hiring Manager

7. Hire Candidate (Completed by Hiring Officer or Delegate)

A) Hiring Manager conducts reference checks and verifies academic credentials and/or professional licensure
B) Hiring Manager interviews selected finalists
C) Hiring Manager decides who to hire and communicates decision to Search Committee
D) Hiring Manager extends offer to candidate
E) Unit conducts Background Check

8. Close the Search (Completed at the department level with college approval)

A) Search Committee or Designee updates each applicant’s status in HireTouch to reflect his/her updated status (i.e. interviewed, finalist, hired, candidate withdrew)
B) Notify unsuccessful candidates that the position has been filled
C) Add note to HireTouch indicating the name, start date and salary of the final hire
D) Retain all search file documents for a minimum of 3 years beyond date of hire