Nov 30 2017

UIC Faculty Search Committee Training

November 30, 2017

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


401 UH (**Videoconferencing available)


601 S. Morgan St., Chicago, IL 60607

Effective August 16, 2017, search committee training will be mandatory for all members of search committees for faculty and faculty/administrator positions at UIC, as required by a new UIC policy, OAE-1100-006 These workshops will address the search process, issues of implicit bias and stereotypes, as well as other issues that can affect the fairness of a search. They will be presented through a partnership among the Office for Access and Equity, the Office of Diversity and the Office Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs.  They will be offered twice weekly on the east and west sides of campus.

Searches will not be allowed to go forward unless all of the members of the committee have participated in a training workshop by the time the Meets Minimum Qualifications list is submitted to the Office for Access and Equity. It is strongly recommended that heads and chairs whose departments are undertaking searches also do the training.

This training aligns with UIC’s strategic priority that states: “We will intensify our efforts to retain and recruit top-tier faculty members committed to the mission of our University. We will continue to nurture an open and friendly environment that celebrates diversity and promotes excellence.”

After participating in the workshop, one may serve on search committees for three years without retaking the training. Anyone who registered and participated in a workshop after February 1, 2017, has satisfied this requirement.

The search committee training is the product of the work of a very dedicated and collaborative group of faculty and administrators, with particular assistance from faculty from WISEST and the UIC Faculty Equity Committee who brought great research knowledge and practical experience to this endeavor.

Training will occur bi-weekly and  will alternate between East/West Campus.

** Videoconferencing available if you are a Rockford, Peoria or Springfield participant.
Please register for specific training, then contact your campus contact for video conference location:
Rockford – Brett Ruiz,
Peoria – Dennis Driscoll,
Springfield (College of Nursing) – Alisha Kulek,
Urbana (College of Nursing) – Krista Jones,



(312) 996-8670

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Oct 24, 2017

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Oct 24, 2017