Dispute Resolution Services

Dispute Resolution Services (DRS)

Roster of Mediators

Mediators Profile

Geri K. Biamonte

Employee Assistance Practitioner
University Health Services
1853 W. Polk Street, Room 421(M/C 912)
Phone: 996-0547
Fax: 996-3588

Caryn A. Bills

Associate Chancellor
DRS Coordinator
Office for Access and Equity
Room 717 MB (M/C 602)
Phone: 413-8145
Fax: 413-0055

Caryn A. Bills earned her Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Masters in Education from UIC and has been a dedicated employee to the University for more than 28 years.

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She has served in various roles across campus including the Director of Campus Relations, the Campus Ombudsperson, and most recently, the Director of the Office for Access and Equity and the Associate Chancellor/Chief of Staff. As Director, she represents the campus to federal and state agencies as well as the UIC community on issues related to affirmative action, equal opportunity, harassment, discrimination and diversity. Since then, she has created a Dispute Resolution Services program which serves employees with disputes through private consultations and mediations. Caryn is a certified mediator and trains on the topic of mediation and creating engaging environments. In her role as Associate Chancellor/Chief of Staff, she is responsible for providing confidential, executive-level advisory and planning support to the Chancellor and supervises all staff in the Chancellor's office.

Burdin S

Sigmund W. Burdin

Information Technology Support Associate
College of Business - Deans Office
103 BH (M/C 204)
Phone: 996-6702
Fax: 413-1266
Arnold Diaz

Arnold S. Diaz

Assistant to the Head - Human Resources
Department of Pharmacy Practice
833 S. Wood St, Rm 164 (M/C 886)
Phone: 355-4190
Fax: 996-0379

Arnold Diaz currently has 24 years of work experience at the University of Illinois at Chicago as Human Resource professional.

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He began his professional work experience as an Employment Officer in the campus Human Resources Employment office. In 2000 he began working in the College of Business Admistration as the Director of Human Resources where he gained experience in the academic hiring process for Faculty and Academic Professionals. In 2006 Arnold joined Dispute Resolution Services as a University Mediator. Arnold currenlty works in the Department of Pharmacy Practice as the Assistant to the Head of Human Resorces where he continues to provide his HR professional expertise.
Arnold received his Masters degree in Leadership and Adminstration from the University of Illinios at Chicago

Deborah Eison

Human Resource Manager
Cure Violence
School of Public Health
1603 W. Taylor St., 10th Floor
355-0207 (fax)
Lisa Frohmann

Lisa Frohmann

Associate Professor
Department of Criminology Law and Justice
4050A BSB (M/C 141)
Phone: 413-2477
Phone: 773-338-3554 (cell)
Fax: 996-8355

Lisa Frohmann joined the UIC faculty in 1992. She is an Associate Professor of Criminology, Law and Justice and Head of the Department of Criminology, Law and Justice.

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She is also affiliated faculty in the Departments of Sociology and Gender and Women’s Studies. She has served on a range of College (Executive Committee) and University (University Senate and Chancellor's Committee on the Status of LGBT Issues) Committees. She has been a member of DRS since 2009.

Keana Galloway

Keana M. Galloway

Associate Director
Office for Access and Equity
Room 717 MB (M/C 602)
Fax: 413-0055

Keana M. Galloway received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Master's Degree in Education from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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She joined the Office for Access and Equity in 2006 as the Project Management Specialist and was promoted to Assistant Director in 2011 and to Associate Director in 2013. As Associate Director, she is responsible for overseeing the University's Affirmative Action Plans, Search Waiver review and the Academic Hiring process, including developing strategies related to recruitment and retention of women, persons of color, persons with disabilities, veterans, and members of other under-represented groups.


Joann Gras

Lombard, Illinois
717 MB (M/C 602)

Joann M. Gras received her bachelor's in Business Administration and Master's in Education—Literacy, Language, and Culture, from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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She retired from UIC in her position as the Special Assistant to the Associate Chancellor in the Office for Access and Equity. Joann also had been a long-time member of several campus-wide committees including the Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities, the Campus Web Accessibility Group, and the Human Resources Advisory Group.

Lillye A. Hart

Assistant to the Vice Chancellor
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
3010 SSB (M/C 660)
Phone: 996-6653
Fax: 996-3111
Hasnain Memoona

Memoona Hasnain

Department of Family Medicine
151AHSB (M/C 663)
Phone: 996-8214
Fax: 996-2579

Dr. Hasnain is an Associate Professor and Associate Department Head for Faculty Development & Research in the Department of Family Medicine, College of Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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Dr. Hasnain is the Director of UIC College of Medicine's longitudinal Patient-centered Medicine Scholars Program and the Department of Family Medicine's Health Disparities Scholars Program. She also developed and teaches a course in the UIC School of Public Health titled International Women's Health: Current and Emerging Issues. Most recently, Dr. Hasnain received the prestigious Macy Faculty Scholars Award by the Josiah Macy Jr Foundation. Dr. Hasnain has a special interest in organizational development, workplace culture enhancement and conflict resolution. She is a trained mediator and serves on the UIC Dispute Resolution Service since 2012.


Ronald C. Hershow

Associate Professor of Medicine
Medicine Infectious Diseases
Associate Professor of Epidemiology
Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
987 SPHPI (M/C 923)
Phone: 996-4759
Fax: 996-0064
La Donna Hudson

La Donna Hudson

Director for Human Resource Operations
Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
100 PPB (M/C 270)
Phone: 996-2143
Fax: 413-7800

La Donna Hudson began her career as an intern while attending Butler University. During the last 26 years, she has worked for private corporations, county government, and teaching institutions while holding progressively responsible human resources positions.

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La Donna came to UIC in 2001, and held the position of Assistant Director of HR for Facilities Management until she was promoted to her current position in 2010. La Donna oversees HR development, planning and operations of the highly unionized and complex division of VCAS and is responsible for providing service to a workforce of over 1,000 staff members. La Donna is a 2010-2011 fellow of the Academic Leadership Program of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC), and has been a DRS mediator since 2009.


Kathy Irving

Equal Opportunity Officer
Office for Access and Equity
Room 717 MB (M/C 602)
Phone: (312) 996-5979

Kathy R. Irving joined the Office for Access and Equity in July 2012. As the new Assistant Equal Opportunity Officer, she is responsible for providing oversight and assistance with the Academic Hiring Search process.

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She also serves as a resource to units and search committees during all phases of the recruitment and hiring process. Additionally, Kathy coordinates and monitors the Dispute Resolution Services.

Kathy received her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration/Human Resources from DePaul University. She has more than 18 years of human resources experience from a major Chicago University. Kathy is currently enrolled in graduate school persuing a Master's degree in Criminal Justice.

Carlotta Johnson

Senior Associate Director
African American Academic Network
2800 SSB (M/C 150)
413-7907 (fax)
Kathleen Kashima

Kathleen Kashima

Senior Associate Dean of Students
College of Medicine Administration
112 CMW (M/C 785)
Phone: 996-2450
Fax: 413-3787

Kathleen Kashima, Ph.D. is the Senior Associate Dean of Students and Interim Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education at the College of Medicine.

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She has been a medical student affairs dean for over 15 years and has worked in higher education for over 25 years. Dr. Kashima received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Stanford University and her doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). She completed postdoctoral fellowships in Health Psychology at UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Institute and Hospital, and at the Center for Cognitive Therapy, Newport Beach, California. Dr. Kashima has been a member of the DRS since 2003.

Marelet Kirda

Marelet Kirda

Assistant to the Executive Director
Advanced Design, Research & Exploration, Center for
1253 S. Halsted Ste 204 (M/C 800)
Phone: 355-0090
Fax: 413-0238

Marelet began her career at UIC in 1992 in the Office of Admissions and Records. Over her 20 years at UIC, her positions have ranged from student affairs, academic affairs, and research administration, she is currenlty the Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Research.

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She has served on numerous committees across the UIC campus. Marelet was selected to serve as the Academic Professional Representative for the University of Illinois Presidential Search Committee in 2009-2010. She is a two-time graduate of the UIC, having received her Master of Education degree in 1996 and her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1990.

Robert (Bob) Kiser

Robert (Bob) Kiser

Assistant Director
The Dr. Allan L. and Mary L. Graham
Clinical Performance Center
808 S. Wood Street, 986 CME
Phone: 996-6551
Fax: 996-6365

Bob Kiser is an Assistant Director of the Graham CPC, in charge of standardized patient-based simulation programs.

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Bob began his association with the Clinical Performance Center as a Standardized Patient in 1996, became a Standardized Patient Coordinator in September of 2005 and accepted the position of Assistant Director in 2009. As a mediator, his main interest lies in colleague-to-colleague conflict resolution, especially in medial settings. Bob is a graduate of Illinois State University and also received certifications from iPec Coaching school for Executive Coaching and Chicago's Center for Conflict Resolution for Mediation.


Susan E. Kovacs

Executive Director of CAS Human Resources
CAS Human Resources
705 SCE (M/C 117)
Phone: 413-1272
Fax: 413-5980

Susan Kovacs became a full time UIC staff member in 1987. She is the Executive Director of Human Resources for Campus Auxiliary Services overseeing both the Human Resources and Payroll Services units.

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She currently serves on the SEIU Local 73 (Clerical and Administrative Unit) University negotiating team, received her Lean Six Sigma certification and has served as a DRS Mediator since 2011. Susan received her Bachelor's degree in Education from DePaul University and an MBA and Master's Degree in Sport Administration from UIC.

Jacob Mueller

Jacob Mueller

Director of Administrative Operations
Department of Medical Education,
UIC College of Medicine
808 S. Wood Street
979 CME (M/C 591)
Phone: 996-7356
Fax: 413-2048


Alisa Murchek, RN, MS

Associate Director of Nursing
Nursing Services, Hospital
Emergency Services (M/C 722)
Phone: 996-9898
Fax: 996-7335

Emanuel D. Pollack

Senior Associate Dean, Student Academic Affairs
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
327 UH (M/C 228)
Phone: 413-2532
Fax: 413-8577

Emanuel D. Pollack is currently the Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UIC.

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During his tenure as associate dean, the graduation rate of the college has nearly doubled. He received his undergraduate degree from Roosevelt University and the M.S. and PhD in Biology from the University of Iowa. After a postdoctoral fellowship at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, he joined the Illinois Institute for Developmental Disabilities. Pollack has published numerous scientific papers in the field of developmental neurobiology while teaching popular biology courses. As a certified university mediator and active participant in student judiciary processes, he has seen it all. In his non-UIC life, he has been a member and president of the Evanston/Skokie Board of Education and fellow and trustee of Roosevelt University.

Jennifer Rowan

Jennifer Rowan

Assistant to the Director
Research Services, Office of
304 AOB (M/C 672)
Phone: 413-8191
Fax: 996-9005

Jennifer Rowan has a degree in Communications from DePaul University and a Master's of Public Administration from UIC.

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Since Jennifer joined the UIC family in 1994, she has held positions in academic affairs, health affairs and research administration Jennifer is a recipient of the Award of Merit and the Chancellor's Academic Professional Excellence Award. She serves as an representative on the Academic Professional Advisory Committee and a mediator for Dispute Resolution Services.

Graundia A. Smith

Graundia A. Smith

Student Affairs Human Resources
Suite 702, SCE (M/C 117)
Phone: 355-355-3353
Fax: 312-355-3361

Graundia A. Smith has been employed at the University of Illinois at Chicago for nearly 25 years. Along with receiving her professional training certification from Langevine L.S., she has been a certified mediator for Dispute Resolution Services since 2001.

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Graundia's extensive work history in human resource roles for 25 plus years as a Training and Development Specialist, Human Resource Manager, and other HR positions serves as a foundation for her knowledge of many human resource rules, regulations and laws. Her passion is helping employees develop their skills needed to advance to higher levels of performance. Graundia has been active on many UIC committees and is currently serving as vice president on UIC’s Staff Advisory Council.


Mo-Yin S. Tam

Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
Faculty Affairs, Vice Provost
2715 UH (M/C 103)
Phone: 413-3470
Fax: 996-0388

Mo-Yin S. Tam is a Professor of Economics in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. She had served in various administrative positions at UIC, including the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs (2008-2012), the Interim VPFA (2007-2008), an Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (2000-2007) and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the College of Business Administration (1995-1999).

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She has been a member of the DRS since 2011. She is currently a member of the campus Promotion and Tenure Committee and a member for Faculty Advisory Committee for the UI Vice President for Academic Affairs.


Barbara J. Washington RN, MSN

Associate Director of Nursing, Medical Surgical Services
Nursing Services, Hospital
7E MED UICH Rm 764 (M/C 509)
Phone: 996-6172
Fax: 996-0270

Jessica S. Williams

Linguistics, Department of
1719 UH (M/C 315)
Phone: 996-0259
Fax: 413-1044

Jessica Williams joined the UIC faculty in 1987. She is Professor of Linguistics and Head of the Department of Linguistics and Less Commonly Taught Languages.

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She has served as Associate Head of the English Department and Senior Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences. She has been a Student Conduct panelist for more than 15 years and has served on a range of College (Executive Committee) and campus (All-Campus Promotion and Tenure, University Senate) Committees. She currently serves on the Senate Faculty Affairs Committee. She has been a member of the DRS since 2011.