Affirmative Action / Academic Hiring

Affirmative Action / Academic Hiring

Academic Hiring Process

Academic Search Coordinators

The Academic Search Coordinator (ASC) serves as a liaison between the Office for Access and Equity (OAE), and academic departments or administrative units that seek to fill faculty and/or academic staff positions. The ASC acts as a resource person at the department or unit level for academic personnel transactions, especially in the recruitment, selection, and appointment of individuals to new or vacant positions. An important part of the Academic Search Coordinator's responsibilities is to further the objectives of equal opportunity and affirmative action in hiring and promotion.

The ASC should:

Deans and unit executive officers appoint their respective ASC. Appointees must be approved by the Office for Access and Equity. OAE reserves the right to ensure that the selected individual has proper training in the academic process; once the appointee is approved by OAE he/she must attend a training presented by OAE.

ASC approval ensures adherence to both unit and campus guidelines for appointment procedures and basic equal opportunity standards.

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